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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What Samsung latest Bios included?

I don't know about every thing that was included but I do know that after this BIOS update Vista installed a New Driver supporting Direct Application Launch. Why Samsung decided to add this support is not clear to me but here is full explanation of how this support is used. According to that document:

The Windows Vista™ operating system provides built-in support for a fast system startup experience that boots or resumes directly into media or other applications. This support, called direct application launch, is possible on PCs that are running Windows Vista by making simple changes to platform firmware and underlying platform wake circuitry. This paper describes the changes in platform hardware and firmware to support direct application launch that is based on button-press or wireless receiver events. It provides guidelines for system designers and firmware developers to implement platform support for direct application launch on PCs that are running Windows Vista.
does this means that Samsung is getting rid of the AVS Partition in the net generation of Q1 with Vista installed?


  1. OK, total noob question but... if I am running XP on the q1 and currently have no plans to install Vista, should I run this BIOS update?

    I assume this update is paving a path for other Vista drivers to follow - and it is hoped by all that these drivers will include the HIDs we've been looking for. (And it is, I guess, further hoped that these HID drivers will work on XP installs on the q1).

    Is that about right?

    Should I install or wait a few days to see what pans out? Thanks


  2. You are asking the wrong person! I'm one of those looking always for new adventures and to me every new BIOS means only one thing, something has been changed and I need to know what.

    But if I was you, I would install it because you are about right when you say that probably this BIOS is preparing the conditions for future HID Drivers.


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