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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Boxwave Flexiskin for Samsung Q1

I just received a Boxwave Flexiskin (affiliated link) for Samsung Q1 courtesy of todoUMPC, reseller of this product in Europe.

When you spent more than 1000 dollars in one of this toys obviously one of your major concern is protection and that's what Boxwave Flexiskin attempts to bring. Taking in consideration the glossy and smooth surface of the Q1 scratches will be very noticeable on it and the Boxwave Flexiskin brings a perfect protection. It also will help but not that much in case it falls from your hands, but like I said, not that much because the skin is not thick enough to bring a total protection for these cases. One thing is true, the skin is made from a very rugged material that gives you a better hold of the UMPC but at the same time it's more propitious to get dirty as it can be seen in some of the above pictures.

What else I do not like? Well, in overall the design is good but it does not give you access to the Ctrl+Alt+Del hole in the Q1 top side close to the power on button. Another bad point is that the black skin does not give you a way to see the Status LEDs at the bottom of the screen and that for me is a very big problem. You never know if the UMPC is connected, it's ON or OFF, or what is the HDD status.

This skin is currently on sale at Boxwave for $35.95, a price that I consider extremely high for this kind of accessory. But if you work in an environment where your Q1 can get easily scratched or beaten this skin will bring you the protection that you are looking for.


  1. CT: Having just gotten a used Q1 from the US I'm still trying to find cases and such for it. But I purchased a very similar looking case on eBay for about half the price BoxWave is asking.

    Here's a link to the company's product- http://item.express.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ExpressItem&item=120089900026&FROM_MERCHANDISING=1&tr=merch:cvi

    I'm still waiting for it to arrive but if it is a legit company it looks like BoxWave is seriously overcharging.

    I'm in Asia so I expect it'll be a few days before it arrives. I'll follow up on this if you want.


  2. Sure, it looks the same I got from boxwave, as you can see there are not holes too see the LEDs.

  3. Just to follow up: The silicon jacket arrived from Hong Kong this morning and, while the build quality isn't great (what do you expect from a piece of extruded silicon anyway?)it looks like exactly what Boxwave has - and the price is about $20 cheaper (including shipping!)

    I also got a leather (probably faux) case for the q1 from the same company for only $18. The leather case is cool in that it has holders for a stylus and a clear cover over the front opening to protect the screen. Prices vary but you can find the company on ebay. The cases are both from a Chinese company, Kroo. The seller's site is here:


  4. Thanks for reporting back!
    I was checking that company today at ebay and recommended it to a friend of mine.

  5. Wow, that Flash photo viewer is really awful. Something wrong with the user selecting the image they want to see with links/javascript?


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