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Thursday, February 08, 2007


A week has passed since Vista BIG RELEASE WITH MANY WOWS and my readers are asking me WHERE ARE VISTA DRIVERS?

What am I supposed to tell them Samsung? At least I have an answer from TabletKiosk saying that they are working on that. Keep in mind that Samsung and TabletKiosk's providers are in the other side of the planet, that means that a ship navigating in a calmed sea takes about 3 weaks to reach us, and do not ask me why not by plane because I do not know why things coming from that side of the world take that long to reach us.

We have to TRUST OEMs. That's the message from Microsoft at this point. According to them, they have given to OEMs all that is needed for HID Drivers. But it seems to me that OEMs do not know what to do with that material. HID? Drivers? Vista? Money! You got my point, OEMs have hard time understanding the concept of multitasking... When they are releasing a new product the background task dies for the lack of resources.

Oh... I know... they are waiting for Vista SP1! You see, they are not that bad. ;-)

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