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Monday, February 05, 2007

ArtRage for UMPC released

This is really a good news! ArtRage is a wonderful program and have it optimized for UMPC is really good.

January 30, 2007 - ArtRage 2 for UltraMobile PCs (UMPC) Released!

ArtRage 2 is now available in a version specifically designed for UltraMobile PCs. This new version of Ambient Design’s stylish and natural painting application has been enhanced to make it easier to use with small form-factor portable PC devices. For the ultimate painting and sketching experience ‘on the go’ ArtRage 2 for UltraMobile PCs gives you style and ease of use.

UltraMobile PCs present two unique challenges to graphical software. Firstly the screen resolution is typically lower than a desktop or notebook computer. UMPC displays are typically around 800 x 480 pixels in size. This means there is less space to contain both the user interface as well as the working area of a project.

And secondly UltraMobile devices are commonly used with fingers as input devices meaning the user-interface elements have to be larger and easier to press. Typically UltraMobile devices are used while they’re carried in the hand rather than being placed on a level surface, so it can be more difficult to press user-interface elements even when using a stylus on the UMPC screen.

ArtRage 2 for UltraMobile PCs overcomes these challenges:

  • Increased the size of small UI elements: The smallest UI elements from ArtRage 2 have either been increased in size or made their ‘clickable area’ larger in the UMPC version. This makes them easier to press with fingers or a stylus.
  • Controls and panels get out of the way: Panels in ArtRage 2 get out of the way while painting. In the UMPC version they more actively minimize when not being used, and leave a more easily clicked control to bring them back.
  • Panels and controls hide when ‘Enter’ is pressed: UltraMobile PCs have an ‘Enter’ button mapped to a physical button on the front of the case. When this button is pressed while using ArtRage 2 all the User Interface controls and panels hide completely. So it’s very easy to work with all the panels and controls visible with one button press, but hidden completely while you’re working. This leaves the entire display surface available for painting and sketching.
  • All the features of ArtRage 2 Full version!: ArtRage 2 for UltraMobile PCs has all the tools, features and style of ArtRage 2. There has been no compromise on features!

ArtRage 2 for UltraMobile PCs is also still only US$19.95 to purchase! For more information about ArtRage 2 for UltraMobile PCs including full features, screen shots, and comparisons with other versions of ArtRage: http://www.artrage.com/artrageumpc.html.

ArtRage 2 for UltraMobile PCs is currently only available in the English language versions, for Windows XP operating systems. ArtRage 2 for UltraMobile PCs is recommended for use on small form-factor portable devices with a display resolution around 800 x 480 pixels.

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  1. That looks really nice... Too bad I have no artistic talent whatsoever...


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