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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

BIOS update for Samsung Q1 with Vista Support

What a coincidence! Just a few hours after I posted my workaround to get the Q1 recognized as a Tablet PC, Samsung has released a BIOS update. I do not have my power supply with me so I can't install it right now. So I really do not know if that will fix the issue with our Samsung not being recognized as a Tablet PC. I hope this is what it does. Anyone can confirm this?


  1. Well, I just updated to this and I couldn't see anything new or different in the BIOS.

    When I rebooted, Vista started to install drivers for an "Unknown Device". I will keep looking, but I couldn't tell what is missing now.
    Bluetooth, USB, sound, NICs and the CF all seem fine, so I don't know what this Other-Unknown Device is.

    As for the Tablet PC recognition, no go there. I removed the startup script before the reboot and once it got back to Vista, it had reverted back to 0x00 for the two registry entries.
    I popped the startup script back in and it runs as before.

    So... what does the new BIOS do?
    Not sure.


  2. Well, if it installed a new device, look in the device manager. You should have a new HID Driver in there. Probably.

  3. No. All it did was add a dreaded "Other Devices" tree and under that is an "unknown device" in the device manager.

    That should, I hope, change once Samsung releases updated drivers.

    I am thinking about trying some old drivers and see if any are accepted for the unknown device but I doubt any will work.

  4. Well, it seems to me that Samsung just prepared the ground for a new Driver. ;)

  5. Ok... I just forced a driver update to look at the Windows directory and it found and installed a driver for a "Direct Application Launch Button".

    Not sure what that is or does since all the buttons worked before.

    hrmmm... I guess time will tell.


  6. to look in your Vista Directory?

  7. Maybe the BIOS now supports and contains SLIC and RSDT tables in ACPI module for oem activation of vista? That would be a nice step in the interesting direction.

  8. CT, yes, my Vista directly

    I currently only have Vista installed on my Q1.

    I just pointed it to C:\Windows and it found it there automatically.

  9. I'll try that in few hours. Thanks!


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