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Monday, February 19, 2007

Home made UMPC

I just cold not believe it when I read this post at todoUMPC forum where Manuel Campos, a pilot from Spain, posted about a UMPC made by him to be used in his small airplane!


This home made UMPC does not have only a exquisite design, it's loaded with a 7" touch screen, ITX M1000 motherboard, 512 MB of RAM, a 20 GB HDD and GPS Haicom USB. It's using Windows XP SP2.

Just awesome! This is the first home made UMPC that really looks like a real UMPC! Bravisimo!

Update: According to him, he spent less than 600 Euros in this "adventure".

Update 2: Sorry guys, after asking a few questions we have found that it´s not a UMPC as it was called by Manuel in his first post. In reallity it´s a carputer. What we see in this picture is just the screen. :(

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