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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Interview with Samsung

Ultramobilegeek has posted a very interesting interview with Samsung all about UMPC. I read today a comment from Steve, at OrigamiPortal.com and I agree with him. What about Vista Drivers for current devices? What about HID drivers? 14 days have passed since the Official Release of Vista and when Samsung's Tech Support is asked the answer still very confused like this canned answer:

Thank you for contacting Samsung E-Mail Support.

•We have tried to develop software updates for most of our products. Unfortunately the available device drivers for your product does not support Windows Vista. Consequently, your device and Windows Vista are not compatible

•To secure best performance and compatibility of your product, we would like to advise you to use the operating system that supports the drivers for you product. (consult Compatibility overview).

Under no condition Windows Vista incompatibility can be claimed as a product defect, product quality issue or improper performance of the Samsung product or Windows Vista operating system.

•There are various operating system (like Mac OS, Unix, Sun OS, MS Windows XP or MS Windows Vista) on the market today. Inherently, each operating system will set specific conditions regarding compatibility.

•Incompatibility is not a defect of the product (nor the operating system). It is solely a limitation of system convergence. The absolute cause of this limitation is not addressable to a specific product. It is a property or consequence of the set-up as a whole.

I really do not understand the words "incompatibility" when it's relative to products like the Q1 series because it's proven that Vista works in these devices. To me there is not anything worse than to know that you can use a new OS that is a lot better for your specific device and not be able to use it because somebody has taken that decision for you.

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