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My Surface PRO 3 'Must Have' Accessories List

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


One of my readers (Jeff from France) sent me this link of a new device called UREN. I do not understand Korean but it seems to me that it's a device running XP, with GPS integrated. The display is a 7" and it works at 800x480.

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I like the design of this device because it use the most it's possible the space in the front of the device for the display making it smaller.


  1. Hello, Ctitanic !

    You love my Uren ? Me too, but where are the trackpoint and clics ???!!!

  2. We need more details. The design is good but you are right, there is not any indications of having a mouse integrated.

  3. 1.5 hour battery life for Via models and 2.5 hour for AMD models. Also no mentioning of bluetooth. No thanks.

  4. wow, so VIA processor has a worse battery life than AMD? I was not expecting that.

  5. In France, at the moment, three UMPC Origamis are in shops, but with a very very little succes and none publicty (no press, no TV, no radio). Sale very confidential, only geeks, consequently... :

    - The R2H will be the 8 november for 1100 Euros (768 mo, 40 go, webcam, BT, GPS with Europ maps - gifts : keyboard and a USB TNT).

    - The Samsung Q1 (classic model) this day for 995 Euros at "Darty", big franch holding shops.

    - The EO/AMtek T700 (only at the office of importat ItsLabel) : 990 Euros

    All prices with taxe included.


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