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Monday, November 27, 2006

eo Docking Cradle delayed

Well, I hate to say this but the next time I'll buy a notebook, tablet or UMPC, Amtek is not going to be in my list. As an IT Manager, the next time I will recommend a Notebook, TabletPC or UMPC, for sure, Amtek will not be in my list. Even if it's the last Coca Cola in a middle of a desert.


We continue to receive delays and excuses from our manufacturing partner on this accessory - and at this time we have no further information on this accessory (eo v7110 Docking Cradle). Our executive management is flying to Asia next week to try and resolve this issue ASAP.

We apologize for this continued delay.

Ph: 310 782-1201
FX: 310 782-1205

Thanks Jeff for keep us informed.


  1. Thanks God I have the Samsung Q1 to play with. ;)

  2. Attention : is it possible that the Tabletkiosk's manufacturing partner on this EO v7110 Docking Cradle, are not AMtek...

  3. It's possible, but I don't think so... Amtek is the manufacturer of the docking cradles or port replicators for other Amtek devices, so... why not for the T700?

  4. So.. It is just a possible question...

    Have you some information on a dock cradle for the Asus R2H ?

  5. No, I have not seen the docking station for the R2H.

  6. Finally, i think that a docking cradle is not very essential for a origami...

    It is a possibky contradiction.

  7. May be not when the origami device has ports and communication options enough, but that's not the case of some devices, included the Amtek T700. I would appreciate so much a port replicator which allows me to connect my origami to an external monitor or projector.

  8. I have two projects on which a docking cradle is dependent. I simply NEED it. This makes me sad.


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