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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New Samsung coming soon!

Josh, this one is for you! ;)

If you thought for just one second that the SA1F00 was "cool" you were wrong. If you thought that Sony's UX series was the best design you have ever seen, YOU ARE WRONG!

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Windows XP, a 30GB hard disk, 256MB of RAM, a 5” display, a 1GHz CPU, WiMAX, CDMA EV-DO, and a 1.3Mpix camera. It measures 143x94x29mm and weights 580g.

The SPH-P9000 will be launched in Korea first half of 2007.

Thanks Jeff (from France) fro this tip!

[Originally posted by me at Ultranauts.com]


  1. Cool, but small screen..same as Sony...

  2. At the moment, with the actual technology, i think a screen on 7' is not the very good idea, because "the larger it is, the more it is heavy", (french popular saying !!!!!)....

    A UMPC with screen 7', it is ok but lighter than actually...

    In mobility, the weight of this new Samsung device is the good. Not more. ANd the phone inside is very good.

    The END of the Q1 ??? (and all actual origami ??).

  3. Having had the opportunity to experience the Sony UX, I am going to flip flop on some of my earlier opinions about UMPC design.

    I used to think that 7" screen was too big because it was not "pocketable". While that is still true, the fact is, the alternative is not really better. The screen on the UX turned out to be too small to be usable because it provided a lousy touch/ink experience. I found myself using the track stick alot.

    Also, the keyboard design on the UX is really bad. So bad in fact that I found the on-screen keybord to be much more productive.

    So therefore, I agree with you about the design of this UMPC. A fold-out keyboard would be much easier to use than the thumb keyboard and a 7" screen would be much more practical.

    So now the question is, how to carry it. I refuse to carry a man-purse, and if I am gonna carry a backpack which I do already, why not go all out with a Fujitsu 9" convertible? Is this form factor "worth it"?

  4. I agree with you... and I'll answer you why I would carry a UMPC and not a convertible Tablet: price. I do not want to pay 300 or for 400 dollars more from what I paid for a UMPC for what I'll use as a companion pc.

    If the Motion LS800 had the price of a Q1 I would ended buying one of those instead of a UMPC. But the fact is that TabletPCs still expensive devices and even what you are looking is for a companion PC you are not going to spend the same amount you spent for your main pc.

    You have confirmed all I have been saying from the beginning. An integrated keyboard like the one in the UX is the same than having nothing. The speed you are going to get on those are the same that you will get if you use the recognizer or on screen keyboard, so then what is the point of having an integrated keyboard. About the screen size... I know that I'm right! You can do too much is so small visual area.

    This design is a lot better than the Sony's from the point of view of keyboard but I consider the screen size a big mistake.

    I consider the ideal companion PC or UMPC anything with a screen between 7 to 10 inches and a price around the 1000 dollars or less - closer to 700 dollars would be the ideal. For me the keyboard is something optional.


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