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Saturday, November 25, 2006

RAM-Mount System - Part III

Let me start this part showing what I was using until now in my car with my Pocket PC, a mounting system made by ARKON.


In the above picture you can see what I call the safety cord, a cord that attach the mounting system to the front side mirror. The idea is that if the suction coup fails this cord will stop your costly device from falling down and damage itself.


This safety cord has safe my Pocket PC few times so when I started the installation of the new RAM-Mount System this was the first thing I put it in the new one.


The next pictures show the mounting system ready to be used. I adjusted the position in the windshield to avoid the glare from the shiny Florida Sun, that is the main reason why I bought a long Arm. With the short arm the device is too close to the windshield and the glare makes impossible to read what's in the screen.



The following picture shows how the safety cord would have worked if the suction coup failed.


In the next part of this series of articles about the RAM-Mount, I'm planning to show how this System looks when it's being used with a UMPC. You can check the whole set of pictures that I took for this article here.

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