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Friday, November 03, 2006

How you can use the CF slot of your Q1

The Compact Flash slot is one of the best features that the Samsung Q1 has. Yes, the CF cards are old and slow but I prefer to have this slot than a SD Card one. If you want to know why just check this article.


  1. The best use of the CF slot of the Q1 will be a 3G HSDPA EDGE GPRS modem.

    But when in shops ?

  2. for info, the asus r2h with webcam and bluetooth (512 and 40 Go) is on spain shops for 899 Euros with taxes.

  3. 899 eur is the ASUS Spain price for all shops (in spain).

    At the FNAC (www.fnac.es), for exemple.

    Delay : 15 days.

  4. Dear Ctitanic,

    The ASUS R2H for Spain shops at 899 EUR, taxes included (15 november) :

    * Procesador Intel Celeron M ULV a 900 MHz.
    * Memoria DDRII 533 de 512 MB (256 + 256)
    * WiFi y Bluetooth 2.0.
    * Disco duro de 40 GB de 1.8 pulgadas a 4.200 rpm.
    * Peso de 800 gramos.
    * Pantalla de 7 pulgadas.
    * Webcam de 1.3 megapíxeles.
    * Módulo GPS and Europ Maps.
    * Sistema operativo Windows XP Tablet PC y el programa informático Touch Pack
    * Identificación por huella dactilar y Security Protect


    In French shops, only, for 1.099 euros, taxes included, the same model but (8 november) :

    - 768 Mo and not 512
    - 60 Go and not 40 Go
    - French "gifts" : Tuner TNT and Asus Keyboard Bluetooth.

    Best regards,


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