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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Another Universal Mounting System

The guys from todoUMPC still working in different options of a universal mounting system for UMPCs.

This one looks a lot better than the first one they are selling already. They say that they are going to paint in black the aluminum piece at the bottom, the only part that does not look to good yet.


  1. This appears to be just a modified Motion Computing LS800 mount. They removed the OE top clip and fabricated a replacement out of metal.

    The interesting thing is that the clip on the bottom is not springy. RAM says that the clip is supposed to be fixed in position via the bolt on the back and then you press the tablet into place against the plastic bump which will bend out of the way. This way you don't have to constantly adjust the mount when installing and removing the tablet.

    For an example of how I made this change see my article on mounting a TK i7210 in a HUMMER.

  2. I remember you doing something like that too.

    I asked them how easy is to put the UMPC in that cradle and remove it from there to see what they say. I think that they will use the back screw for that. Let see what they said.

    I think that I'll probably will end doing something like what you did.

    Question? so the piece holding the UMPC from the top (in your case) is springy? that means that you can use the same cradle with different side UMPCs no?

  3. Yes the piece they removed and replaced is springy. You can adjust it to where it provides what you feel is the right amount of resistance to hold the tablet in while not being too difficult to remove and then tighten the bolt. From that point on, just pop the tablet in, pop it out.

    As long as your device is the right width (~8.9"), no shorter than an i72xx model (5.63") and no taller than an LS800 (about 6.7") give or take a little, then you can manage to make the RAM cradle work for you as long as you are willing to get creative.

  4. Thanks Evan, I'm passing this information to them too. There are many people that do not want to be or can't be creative and if they do those modifications and sell the cradle modified I'll be glad to pay for it.


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