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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Flipstat , vaporwave?

Many consider Otto the father of the Origami Devices but back in 2004 Paul Allen was thinking about real mobility too.

When Paul Allen co-founded Microsoft® in 1976, nobody could have foreseen the extent to which his vision and efforts would impact the world of technology. With his roots in computer software development, Paul started Vulcan Inc. to create and advance initiatives that continue to change and improve the way people live, learn, work and experience the world.

When it comes to doing business, Paul believes that people want -- and deserve -- true portability and connectivity without sacrificing the performance, functionality and accessibility they need to do it well. He thinks that mobile professionals simply have to carry too many devices to do their job. PCs don't work well "on the go," PDAs compromise power and productivity. And, connectivity is a problem with both.

Tired of waiting for the solution, Paul set out to make it happen himself. He hand-picked a dream team of PC industry design and engineering luminaries, whom he pulled together in a top-secret skunkworks at his Seattle-based company, Vulcan. His directions were simple: "Scour the globe and find the best technologies available to make a computer as powerful and easy to use as a desktop model, but small enough to fit in a pocket." If the technology didn't exist, they were to invent it themselves.


The Vulcan miniPC project was born. Paul's team previewed the Vulcan miniPC (now called FlipStart™) at DEMO 2004, the premiere forum for new product innovation. FlipStart combines the performance and functionality of the Microsoft Windows® XP operating system with always-on connectivity that fits in the palm of your hand. This combination re-defines mobile computing for users who want access to business-critical software, email, and the Web while on the go.


The main problem is that this device never have been released and it has been is the drawing boards since 2004.

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