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Sunday, November 19, 2006

is anybody frustrated?

Do you know of any UMPC owner frustrated here? That's what I'm asking at Ultranauts.


  1. Good question : Im not frustraded by origami umpc ! The models actual are very satisfacting.

    I want all !!

    And the futur will be fantastic !

  2. I returned a Sony UX a couple days after I bought it. Way too frustrating. Touch screens are a joke, battery life is not practical for an “always with you” PC, and the slide out keyboard stunk. Since you asked about a UMPC, I mentioned that.

    I haven’t owned an Origami device, but I imagine it would be marginally better but ultimately not for me. I think the Fujitsu P1610D is more for me.

  3. Josh, and what you were expecting from a 5 inches display machine running XP?

    You are a power user get yourself a i7210.

  4. Very satisfied, except for the battery life :)

  5. The battery life is good for a short (under 2hrs) commute, especially on public transportation. ;)
    I use my UMPC as the go to device when someone wants an announcement modified on the class location monitors I control with "Slatester", OWA, VPN, and VNC viewer.


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