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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Where are the HID Drivers for Q1?

This is the question I asked Samsung at Ultranauts.com. Without the HID Drivers, the Samsung Q1 is just not more than a unfinished product released by Samsung. Without the HID Drivers, the Q1 is not recognized like a device using a digitizer but just a mouse and as we all know, the Q1 does not have a mouse!


  1. It's incredibly irresponsible for them not to release the HID driver. However, get used to it. Now that Vista provides the tablet bits without any obligation on the OEM to meet any kind of bar, this is likely to happen more often. I think ultimately, this is a *good* thing because alot of these devices would otherwise just be running XP Pro anyway. Vista + touchscreen - HID is still > XP Pro + touchscreen.

  2. Yeah, you are right. But Vista is a lot better than what we have now in XP Tablet.


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