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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Akori Distributor in France

Our Friend Jeff - Viva France! - just sent me this link of Akori in France.

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As you can see from the above picture they planned to release the AK7 (warning, do not confuse with AK47, that's a complete different "device") in October of this year. The AK7 is going to be the first UMPC with a PCMCIA slot. You can read more information about this device in this PDF File.


  1. The fabric ok the AK7 : http://www.mo-bits.com/

  2. Thanks, I found that thanks to carrypad.com :D

  3. A reply of Akori France :


    Usually, we do not give a public price, because we sell mainly to retailers/integrators which add their software.

    It is the case for the 10 shelves which we sell already.

    We think that general public Origami will disappoint in term of volume of sale - and large actors of Samsung type will withdraw market after having made large handing-over for debarasser their excesses of stock during 2007.

    It is what occurred for shelves PC - Acer stopped; HP stopped, Dell forever attacked this market - and the 3 do them now convertible portables - what makes it possible to say that it gone from the shelves goes well.

    The volumes announced in million with launching in 2001 (Acer had the objective of 2 million) are now of ten thousands. We do not seek at all the market public Gd for which (it is our opinion), the product is not adapted, and we focus ourselves on the markets professionels - which can develop site PCMCIA, to add a chart telephones 3G and a software trade, or resistance IP53 for uses in environments with dust or water.

    Within this framework, if a public price is communicated, it is HT for the professionals, and a high price is posted so that the retailers can make a margin which they will be able to adapt to their suitability. One arrives thus at 1469 EURO HT (Taxe out) - completely out of the blow compared to Samsung Q1 or Asus R2.

    There will be also a version “not really” Origami, i.e. on chart flash with embarked XP, allowing to resist shocks or small falls of 60 cm. This version is in the line of the webpad (and not tablet PC), i.e. of the light or rather light customers with XP embarked (or EC) in opposition to the tablet PC which have complete Windows systems (XP home, XP pro or XP tablet). this product will be to 1369 EUR (taxe out) the same principle of the channel of distribution integrating retailers.



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