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Friday, November 16, 2007

Top 5 UMPCs... according to Gearcrave.com

Gearcrave.com has published that they consider the top 5 UMPCs in the market.

If you don’t know what UMPC means, it’s time you got an update. Could this be the start of computing 3.0? No way to tell, this gear is too new to call in terms of overall popularity and sales trends. It could be the Betamax of computing, but could easily wind up being a serious contender for your PC dollars. In case you’re living in a cave in Tora Bora at present, UMPC stands for UltraMobile PC. And no, these are NOT laptops, they’re far too small. Pocket-sized PC power, with ultra-efficient battery technology and some pre-loaded with Vista Business and on-the-go business software.

The five UMPC picked are good devices, no question about it. Selecting the UX as the top one is not a surprise either. Sony is Sony. The UX is a performance king but unfortunately not everybody has good eyes for such small screen. I was surprised to see the TabletKiosk v7110 but this device probably have sold a lot of units considering that it has been re-branded probably more than 10 times worldwide. Another surprise is not to see in the list any device with A110 or also called Second Generation. I was expecting to see the Q1U from Samsung on that list, for example. In conclusion, it seems to me more a popularity list than a technical list. For me there is not any doubt that the Amtek T770 is a better device than the Amtek T700 also known as TabletKiosk v7110. Both devices are technically the same with only one important change in the processor used. The T770 uses a more advanced version of the C7M from VIA.  But it was the T700 the one selected. The T700 is a very well know device everywhere compared to the T770 which is virtually unknown.

Even when I disagree with this list I love to the fact that there is such list. That means only one thing, the UMPCs are conquering the market little by little.

If you had to select your 5 top UMPC, which ones would you pick?


[Source: UMPCBuzz]

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