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Friday, November 02, 2007

OQO Model e2 UMPC review


Reg Hardware has just reviewed the OQO e2 and here is their verdict:  

The Model e2 is a great example of how diverse the UMPC arena currently is, differing vastly from its rivals. The 5in screen is a reasonable compromise between size and portability, and the slide-down keyboard is the best we’ve seen on a UMPC.

Well, I'm not so convinced about it. So far I have tested two UMPCs with keyboards or wannabe keyboards. In the first one, the Everun I would say that it's good to have it there, in the Fujitsu U810 I would say that it's a shame to have it there. Now I'm waiting for a new "victim" to put under my magnifying glass: The Avox from Ruvo, also known as Gigabyte U60. Which looks very close to this OQO e2.


If you ask me, I will go with the Gigabyte just because it's cheaper and it uses a touch screen instead a wacom digitizer. And no, I'm not crazy, I really believe that for UMPCs the best thing is a touch screen or the combination of both. The other thing is the screen size, the Gigabyte use a 6.5 inches screen that it's a lot better for my eyes. Tongue out

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