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Monday, November 19, 2007

Skooba Design Holiday Deals

To write about mobile technology has given me the opportunity to have access to information that normally I would have missed. For example, this really good deal sent to me by my colleague from Gear Diary Judie Lipsett.

Holiday news/insider deal from Skooba Design

To our friends and colleagues in the tech media and blogosphere…

We are trying out an unusual (and possibly insane… ask me in a month) holiday experiment this year, and I am hoping you’ll share the news with your readers.

Basically, we are putting our own twist on the deal-a-day type sites (woot.com, etc.) and will be running one-day, one-product “megadeals” (we’re talking half-price or better). A least once a week during the holiday season, starting this week, we’ll be sending out an e-mail with a one-day-only offer, on one hot product, while supplies last. The only catch is that these deals will be by invitation only, as we do not want to be an unwelcome addition to anyone’s e-mail load. The deals will absolutely *not* be published in any public area of our site or promoted anywhere else. There are only 2 ways to get included on the insider deals—through an invitation we’ll be e-mailing to our newsletter subscribers today, or through a private link, which we are *only* publicizing through our tech site “circle of friends”… your readers just need to go to this sign up page and they’ll be in on the deals:


As a bonus, everyone who signs up will be automatically entered in a drawing for a $500 Skooba Shopping Spree, no purchase necessary.

Again, I hope you’ll see fit to post this announcement, as I know that your readers (like most techies) love an inside deal. And boy, is this an inside deal—and obviously a great time of year to get one. This announcement is going out to all of our regular friends and contacts in the tech site world, but please feel free to forward or share with other quality sites you may be friendly with and that you think would appreciate/spread the news. We genuinely want to have some fun with this and give away some unusually great deals.

Appreciate your consideration as always, and have a wonderful season.

All the best,


Michael Hess


In case you don't know them, Skooba Designs sells all kind of bags and organizers from Laptops bags to phone bags.

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