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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Get the Samsung Q1 for just $579!

This is a very good deal found by JKonTheRun!

If you've been holding out to get a Samsung Q1 UMPC at 50% off, today's the day for you. Hop over to Yahoo! Shopping Woot, which is a co-branded sellout service between both Yahoo! and woot. If you hurry, you should see the original Samsung Q1 for $579 plus $5 shipping since that's the deal of the day. (That's an understatement!) These are refurbished units and I want to caution you about one inconsistency that I see. If you click the details of the listing, the product ID indicates this is a model Q1b. However, in the specifics of the product, it shows an Intel 900 MHz Celeron CPU, which tells me this is the original Q1. Be sure you're getting the product that you want here... personally, I think it's the original Q1.

Little by little we are going to see the UMPC prices to go down to that sweet spot that we all want.

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