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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Avox arrived and...

Avox is a clone of the Gigabyte U60 distributed by Ruvo.  And this is the machine that I received today for a 10 days test run.


My first impressions:

  • This machine is about the perfect size for a UMPC,  1 inch smaller than the original Q1 from Samsung.
  • The first VIA processor tested by me that runs with a very low temperature and silently.
  • Very good performance on XP
  • A UMPC with XP Home Edition, is this a joke? What about XP TabletPC Edition 2005?
  • Very clever the way used to connect the GPS module.
  • Only one speaker but the sound is a lot better than the Amtek T700.
  • VGA port integrated, that's a plus.
  • 2 mics integrated, another plus.
  • Keyboard is Ok. You need to press hard the keys to get them to respond.

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