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Sunday, November 25, 2007

OQO 02 Photo Review

One picture is better than one thousand words. Well, then what about if I give you 66 pictures to describe the OQO 02.

PB240128PB240127PB240126 Axim x51v ComparisonPB240125PB240124 Axim x51v ComparisonPB240123PB240122PB240121PB240119PB240118PB240117PB240116PB240115PB240114PB240113PB240112PB240111PB240110PB240109PB240108PB240107PB240106PB240103PB240101PB240100PB240098PB240096PB240095PB240092PB240091PB240090PB240089PB240088PB240087PB240086PB240085PB240084PB240081PB240080PB240079PB240078PB240077PB240073PB240070PB240069PB240068PB240067PB240066PB240065PB240064PB240063PB240062PB240061PB240060PB240059PB240058PB240057PB240056PB240055PB240054PB240053PB240052PB240051PB240049PB240048PB240044

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