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Monday, November 26, 2007

How big is the OQO 02?

After I posted this picture:

PB240124 Axim x51v Comparison

I have received a few emails talking about it and asking me to compare it with other Pocket PCs. And I think that all this is due to one simple point. The Pocket PCs without SmartPhone capability are already extinguished. If you have the option of carrying a full PC hanging from your belt - that's the way I carry my Axim x51v - why to carry a Pocket PC where you can do only a portion of what can be done in a PC? Here is a comparison between a hx4700, an Axim x51v and the OQO 02.


The OQO 02 still "bulky" but this is only the beginning if you have not noticed that yet. We are going to see in the future devices more powerful and smaller.

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