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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

OQO 02 within the 10 most...

According to TechRepublic.com the OQO 02 (e2 in Europe) is not just within the 10 most important business technology products of this year, it's the second product!Just to give you a reference point the first place was for the... iPhone from Apple!

While most of the UMPCs from big vendors have received only a tepid response from businesses, the OQO, which is currently the sole product for San Francisco-based OQO, Inc., is being gobbled up by lots of different organizations in various industries. Movie producers are using them to watch dailies (with the help of specially modded Slingboxes). News photographers are using them to instantly submit their on-site photos, the U.S. Army uses them at security checkpoints in the Middle East. Others are using them as mini PCs for workers who don’t sit at a desk. For these workers, the OQO is helping to create a new category of PCs — one with a very high geek factor.

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