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Friday, November 30, 2007

OQO 02 for just $1069.99!

This deal is so good that when I read the note from my friend Warner at Gottabemobile I could not believe it! TigerDirect is offering a $780 rebate in the $1849 OQO 02! I really do not know how long this deal is going to last because I'm sure that many people out there would like to own this device and the only thing that have stopped them was the price!


  1. Does anyone know if these included the active digitizer? There is no mention of it on the product page. I chickened out on the order because a call to Tiger Direct didn't confirm that it did (the guy basically just went to the web page and read it back to me). I also called OQO and they couldn't find that specific SKU, but the guy on the other end said it probably did have one.

  2. I thought that all OQO have one.

  3. http://www.oqo.com/store/shop.cgi/op/op_itemdetail.html

    The lowest end model they sell does not contain the digitizer. Note the * comment at the bottom. So this indicates that they are able to remove it. (Note: only the tablet versions come with a digital pen, for the others you have to buy your own). Since Tiger Direct seems to be using a non-standard SKU, and won't actually say it comes with a digitizer, I am suspicious.

  4. Well, if they do not have digitizer the price makes sense now. I would not buy without somebody from TigerDirect specially confirming that it has a digitizer. In another hand, that low price could be a sign of a product that is about to be discontinued.

  5. Followup: Did we ever find out if these shipped with a digitizer or not? I'm trying to decide if I should kick myself for not pressing the buy button.


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