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Friday, September 15, 2006

Where are Vista Drivers?

Dennis Rice at GottaBeMobile is asking this question: Where are Vista Drivers? He bought recently a TabletKiosk eo i7210 which comes with a "Vista Capable Logo" but the reality struck him yesterday when after installing the latest Vista Beta Release he discovered that no Vista Drivers are available for this device.

The same experience is reported by users that have installed Vista in the eo v7110 from TabletKiosk and in Samsungs Q1. We are getting close to Vista official release and still no drivers available for Vista in any of the UMPCs in the market.

Probably Dennis got wrong what the "Vista Capable Logo" means, it means "Eventually you will be able to run Vista in this device". But he is lucky that he got that logo in his UMPC. As a UMPC owner that did not have that "Vista Capable Logo" in my device I wonder if I should stick a logo in mine that says "Probably I'll see Vista Running in this device". And I use the word probably because all depends of what the OEMs want to do. The market moves very fast and in 6 months the priority of these manufacturers is going to be other newest devices. So this is the best time for us to ask about "Vista compatible Drivers" for our devices.

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