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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Steve is killing Vega

Steve has continued to run all kind of tests in Vega UMPC as you can see from his latest report.

From what he is saying seems to me that Vega is less powerful machine than the eo V7110. For example he is reporting problems with iTune 7 which I installed yesterday in my eo V7110 and run perfectly - btw, I like the new iTune look and the 3D browsing of albums. Google Earth worked very slow in Vega while in eo v7110 is not perfect but it's not slow at all.

But here is the most important complain:

The lack of Bluetooth and Wifi is causing me a problem. For Internet access via my cellphone and WiFi its just not practical to be having to remember to take and insert a USB stick in every time. Wifi performance using the USB stick was below what I get with a DLink CF card but as it's a USB add-on, it can easily be changed - said Steve.

Come on guys we are living a new era of connectivity. Releasing this beauty without any connectivity is just a bad joke. Do not you think?


  1. I utterly agree. I would not touch a device like that!


  2. 'Killing the Vega' Interesting title. I'm really loving this device.

    After buying a mini bluetooth stick today I'm a lot happier with it. They are so cheap that one could buy a couple to leave around in the car and at home for example. The Wifi is a pain but the device has so many advantages that it's really hard to say 'No, I don't like it becuase it doesn't have Wifi built in.'
    There's only three other devices in this size category. The 770 (too underpowered.), the DualCor (twice the price, also no Wifi BT.) and the OQO. (Even more expensive.)


  3. With so many tests you are virtually "killing" this device.

  4. I would like to see Bluetooth and WiFi integrated (there is a note on the Raon Digital site that says they are planning to inclued these in V2), but also recognize that "the times they are a changing". WiMax, WUSB, USB dongles for EDGE and HSDPA means that options are wide open if you can live with dongles.
    Scenarios other than handheld (car mounted, body mounted wearable, etc.) support a USB hub for maximum flexibility.
    If anything kills the Vega it will be the poor graphics support.


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