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Friday, September 29, 2006

Ultrasync has been released

I just got an email from Jan Olsen, from Imagine Lan telling me that UltraSync has been released.


This program allows you to synchronize your copy of Outlook in your UMPC with the one you have installed in your main PC. And the most important thing is that it merge whatever changes you have in both PCs. This is a completely new feature never seen before in any other solution. Until now all I have seen are programs that overwrite the PST file in your PC with the one from your UMPC if this one is a newer file.

You can download a 14 days trial version of this program here.

Update: I just received this second note about this program. It seems to me that Sony is preparing another surprise to be released soon ;)

Thanks Frank!
You may be happy to know that we included a feature that will auto-configure the Window XP firewall to allow UltraSync to communicate over the TCP/IP sockets. Also, some people have had concerns about "sharing" the UltraSync folder during partner setup. I hope people will know that this folder share is just temporary and the folder can be "un-shared" as soon as the initial partner setup is complete. The actual sync process does not use folder sharing.

BTW - UltraSync is preloaded on the new Sony UX-280P (????!!!!) and should be shipping in Oct.


  1. other umpc :


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  2. I ported about that one already here. Thanks!


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