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Monday, September 04, 2006

V7110 review at PocketNow

Brandon Miniman at PocketNow, one of the most prestigious web sites about Pocket PCs, has just published a review of the TabletKiosk eo V7110.
We're at Chapter 1 in this story, so naturally, things aren't evolved as we would all like. The eo 7110 is essentially a mini Tablet PC without a keyboard. It's bulky, not exactly lightweight, gets hotter than your standard laptop, and has meek battery life. Early adopters and those who find themselves wanting a smaller iteration of a Tablet PC will enjoy this device. Me, though, I'm staying on the sidelines for now.
This review is fair in many points but when he said that the eo has redundant buttons. I can see clearly that we could live without at least two buttons but the fact that they are there gives us the possibility of using them with other programs or functionality.


  1. 7-8 hours with the extended battery ??!!

  2. "Redundant buttons" ??!!

  3. The EO cases would be available ??

  4. I don't see why I won't get between 6 to 7 hours of extended battery.

    6 browsing and close to 7 with WiFi oft.

  5. I hope with you but the battery extended is juste twice more cell than the standard battery : 3 to 6 cell.

    Therefore, if all is well, it will be 4 hours in Wifi/Bluetooth and perhaps 5 hours maximum -a big dream- without radio.

  6. I'm talking about uniform extended battery with 9 cells.

  7. Unifirm extended battery or Mugen Power. They are supposed to have 9 cells.


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