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Friday, September 01, 2006

Info about the Q1P

Kevin at JKonTheRun has found some new info about the coming soon Q1P:

the Q1P will also have an increased battery life: up to five hours. I'd expect that some of the increase battery life is due to the Via chipset, but it's likely that we'll see a larger capacity battery than we have with the current Q1 model.

Wow! 5 hours of battery life is really good! That's the way to go Samsung!


  1. perhaps the EO extended battery of tabletkiosk have a new name : samsung Q1P ?

  2. If 5 hours with WiFi is a reality, I'm nuch more curious about why EO can't? VN800 and VX700 are so different that make Q1P 3 hours more? So maybe:

    1.Q1P's battery capacity is really big.
    2.Samsung really set up a good function design for UMPC.
    3.VX700 has some amazing power saving technology.

    Further information reguired.

  3. The Q1b and Q1p use a Flash Memory and not a hard disk.

    Morever, Samsung use his excellent powersaver software...


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