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Saturday, September 02, 2006

More information about Q1b from Germany

Steve, from Carrypad, is a real news hunter. Today he is posting about the latest information he has found of the Samsung Q1b.

5 hours Battery life. Yes, it looks like the VIA C7-M is finally being used to good effect. They are quoting 60% more battery life.
Are you listening Amtek? Are you listening Intel?


  1. If Samsung listening that a mouse-trackpoint and G et D clics are absolutely necessary on a Origami...

  2. Eventually, I think Intel will catch up, then jump ahead.
    But for now, VIA's chipset can compete with Intel at least in ultra-light pc market.

  3. Well, lets see how they worked this time with the video drivers. You should remember that according to all tests I did here out there we don't have any application that can fully take advantage of VIA chipset.

  4. That's right, if Q1B still remains the poor video support, it might be the last UMPC uses VIA's chipset.


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