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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

B2TR Issues

I have installed Office 2007 in my eo v7110 and I installed recently the B2TR. I completely agree with Warner Crocker at GottaBeMobile, after this release Office 2007 is running a lot faster than it's previous release and than Office 2003. I like the changes in Outlook but at the same time I have ran into some problems. Now two of my Outlook "must have" add-ins are not working any more: TEO and Trend Micro Anti-Spam Pilot. These two add-ins were working in previous version and now they are disabled and no matter what I do I can't enable them back. I have contacted both companies but I have not received yet any reply with a solution for this issue.

You can find a long list of other issues and in some case solutions here.


  1. Hey Frank, I am just now recovering from major problems with Vista that have kept me offline for quite a bit. I will soon test TEO with the refresh.

    However, I don't see an email or forum post from you about this. When did you send it?

  2. I found weird that I did not received a reply from you. I sent the email about two days ago. I even attached a screen shot where can be seen your add-in disabled and Trendo Micro Anti-Spam.

    I'll resend it tonight when I get home again.

    For what I have read, it's a problem with all add-ins.


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