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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

UMPC and your music collection

I was driving today to my work and as usual I had my radio on when they started to play a song that I like, Complicated by Avril Lavigne, knowing that I do not have that song in my music collection I got frustrated because I did not have a way to push a bottom while that song was playing to buy it at iTunes. So I thought for myself "why things have to be so complicated?"

Thanks God, I was close to my company building and from the parking lot I picked the WiFi signal, got connected with my UMPC and bought that song before I entered the building. Probably if I was using my UMPC has a car companion pc I would have done that right there at that moment while the song was playing but in my case I have to connect via BT my UMPC to my Phone and I would need to buy a car stand or rack for my UMPC and I have not done that yet. "Why things have to be so complicated?"

Well, I guess my UMPC saved me today from losing a song that I wanted in my collection because once I'm inside of that building I would not have time to buy that song and in few minutes I would have forgotten about it.

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