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Friday, September 15, 2006

Steve is taking Vega to the road

Yes, yesterday I commented that Steve was "virtually killing" the little Vega with the amount of tests that he is running in this poor little beauty. And when I thought that he was done with all tests I found that he is converting Vega in a Road Assistant. Check this and this other post.

I really think that XP is not for a 5 inches or less screen but looking at what Steve is doing makes me think that there is market for any Small Factor PC. Take as an example what happened to Hugo Ortega and his famous P1610 video, hundred of thousands unexpected downloads.

No doubt about, despite the bad reviews written by some called "experts" the UMPC concept is probably the most revolutionary idea since "laptops" apparition in the market.

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  1. Have you considered a 5" or less screen with a Head Mounted Display?
    Icuiti (VGA) and eMagin (SVGA OLED) are both less than $600 and provide a large screen experience.

    If you don't need Ink.....


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