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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Databases with ink Support

Here is video of an application made in VFP (Visual Fox Pro) with full ink support (link). Few days ago I posted about my first steps in this direction but on that time I did not have ink enabled objects connected to any table. In this video you can see a form that collect information in ink that is saved as text in a VFP Table.


The application name is CTWarranty and it allows to keep a database with all electronics or appliances that you own and keep track of their warranties. I still working on it and I probably will release it as a Commercial application with a very small price tag.


I'm working on it on my eo so the screen size of all forms is designed to fit in the 800x600 resolution of UMPC devices. And of course it will work in any Tablet PC. Opinion and desired features are welcome.

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