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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Turning off the Touch Pointer

Many of you have installed the new eGalax HID Driver and want to turn off the "Touch Pointer", that little mouse that gets in the middle everytime you want to tap on something. Here is how to disable it.

To turn the touch pointer on or off in Control Panel

1. Open Pen and Input Devices by tapping the Start button , tapping Control Panel, tapping Mobile PC, and then tapping Pen and Input Devices.

2. Tap the Touch tab.

3. Under Touch Pointer, select or clear the Show the touch pointer when I’m interacting with items on the screen check box.

To turn the touch pointer on or off from the taskbar

1. Use your finger to press and hold the taskbar.

2. Point to Toolbars, and then tap Touch Pointer.

3. To turn the touch pointer on or off, tap the Touch Pointer icon on the taskbar.

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