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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Samsung's Etiquette Mode

Recently I read somebody complaining about the fan noise in a Q1. Let me start by saying that my Q1 fan works quieter than the fan on my eo v7110 and a lot quieter than the one in my Compact notebook. To be honest I can't even notice the noise of the Q1 fan, but some people are ready picky with that. Well there is a solution. Samsung has added an option in the MenuUI called "Etiquette Mode". This option decrease the fan speed in half and that reduce the noise almost to nothing. Of course, expect your Q1 to work warmer.


  1. If you don't like fan noise, why not get a Q1-SSD? It runs so cool that the fan rarely turns on. The Q-1 SSD is eerily silent.

  2. Just because Q1-SSD is very expensive!

    Note that Etiquette Mode slow down the CPU also (to limit heat). To test: try to play a video while in Etiquette Mode.

  3. I have not found any evidence of this mode slowing down the CPU. I have Hardmark CPU Clock Utility running in backwround reporting the same speed the whole time.

  4. Q1P on Vista
    Play hd video with Etiquette On: no problem !!
    The Etiquette in ON mode just limit the speed fan and permit the Q1 a little higt temperature than normal (mode OFF)!
    No change of CPU speed.

  5. Is this under Vista or does the Q1 Pentium with XP have this somewhere too?


    Charlie Thomas

  6. This is vista. I do not recall that I have seen that in XP.

  7. I have it in my Q1(non P) with XP

  8. This is what I read in a Samsung PDF file (and noticed) while trying to figure the risks of using the Etiquette mode too long.

    "You can select Etiquette Mode when you require a quiet operating environment. Caution: In low-noise mode, the operational speed of a program may be slowed down because the CPU operates at minimum speed, and the system may overheat because the fan is rotating only at low speed"

    It was in a Q1 related PDF but can be found in Qxx docs too.

  9. That's possible in a Q1p where the processor support stepping but in a Celeron you cant change the speed.

  10. The Q1P does support stepping and it is possible that using this mode turns down the processor speed.

    However on the P I had, I used some software called 'notebook hardware control' and pretty much always ran the processor at a minimum 600Hz (and reduced voltage) when on battery. Playing video at this worked absolutely fine for me.


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