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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Eight Wonder of the UMPC World!

Thanks to a tip from Gotabemobile.com I found today what I consider the Eight Wonder of the UMPC World: The UMPCScrollbar!

This utility runs in the background (no visible/configuration UI) and pops up an on-screen scrollbar whenever it detects a non-resizable dialog taller than the available vertical working screen estate. The scrollbar then allows you to nudge the dialog up and down, so you can access the dialog buttons that would otherwise be inaccessible. See the 'readme.txt' in the zip file for more information.



  1. I can lauch the program, I can
    see the red rectangle with the X, but I can't see scrolling area ???

  2. Could you find if anybody else has this problem?

  3. I have Fr version of Vista. It's possible that is the reason ??

  4. I have seen users using it in the Spanish version


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