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Monday, April 02, 2007

Do you want to know about HID Drivers

Hugo Ortega has posted today a very good article about HID Drivers. If you are patience enough to go to his blog without "killing him" this is something that you should read. And I'm saying this because Hugo is one of the lucky guys that have a Q1p upgraded to Vista with a HID support. But you know how things are between Microsoft and MVPs: a lot of NDAs. So at this moment He "can't reveal" how he got HID Support in his Q1p from Microsoft. And I'm make it bold because according to Origami Team they do not know how to do it, something that makes me think that probably it was the Tablet PC Team who helped Hugo to get this driver running in his Q1p.

As you can see, it was easier for Sherlock Holmes to find the answer to the most complex of his cases than for me to find out from where exactly the HID support of Hugo's Q1p came from.

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