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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Q1p at UMPCPortal.com

Steve at UMPCPortal posted today a video about his latest acquisition. Q1p with XP installed. Hey Steve, we have done the hard work already, installing Vista is a piece of Cake! and I really believe you should install it.

Download Video


  1. Hey!

    Vista was already on that machine already. I choose XP because there arent enough advantages with Vista. In fact, it annoys me that I would have to go through an optimisation process with Vista just to get the battery life back up to what it is with XP.

  2. I hope that you installed the HID drivers at least!

  3. I installed Vista on my Q1-SSD but then I reverted back to XP because it seemed slower under Vista. This was before the HID Drivers were available. Now I'm thinking about trying Vista again. Does anybody have step-by-step instructions, including installing HID, so I don't have to use the hit and miss method that I did before?. Thanks

  4. I have not read any step by step instructions. But what ever you do, follow the order listed in the Q1 drivers for Vista link.


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