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Thursday, April 19, 2007

New VN800 driver for eo v7110 devices

VIA has released a few days ago a new driver for the VN800 chipset, the same one used in eo V7110 devices also known as Amtek T700, aka Ago 7, aka ... well, you got the point. As it's usual in VIA, none information has been posted about what this update fixes or what has been added new.


  1. No information, except that this is the first release of the VN800 driver which VIA says it's compatible with Windows Vista 32bits. ;)

  2. Hum... well, I installed it and cannot see any difference with the previous version for Windows XP. It even contiues showing that annoying confirmation dialog about VTTimer.exe.

    In addition, the video playback contiues being as bad as before, with a frame now and the next a few seconds after... althoug I'm not sure if this is a driver or a Vista problem, I only know that the same driver on XP plays the video smoothly.


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