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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

AVSNow partition not working after Vista Installation

A few days ago a Q1 owner UCZMEG was reporting that his AVSNow partition was not working any more after he upgraded to Vista. It seems that after the upgrade there is a old trick that should be applied to get it back:

You will need a USB keyboard attached to your Q1.

Boot into AVS mode (make sure you have turned off from your last use of the Q1, nt hibernated).

After the AVS logo screen you get a screen with the progress bar filling along the bottom. Whilst on this screen press F8 and you will be presented with two options, 1 is to continue and 2 is to delete stored settings.

Choose 2 and continue.

You should now have AVSNow back!


  1. Is there an chance you can share your AVS now restore cd? I got the System and Apps Cd. I am having trouble restoring the Q1. No AVS partition exists. Thanks.


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