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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A SP1 that does not fix a thing

I have waited to post anything about this SP1 Beta because I wanted to have the opinions of other users before I say this: Microsoft your SP1 is a completely useless piece of crap.  And basically that's what James Kendrick tell us in his post at Jkontherun.

My initial impressions of a day's usage with SP1 are muddled as I can't see any real difference.  Sleep and resume takes as long as before, I've timed that several times with both operations taking about 13 seconds.  This corresponds with what I noted before installing SP1 so I don't see any real difference here.  The Fuji still goes through extended bouts of intense disk activity occasionally so that hasn't changed.  Other than that I can't see any real differences in operation from before SP1 so at this early stage after the upgrade it's pretty much a wash.

2 hours to install a SP! I used to install the OS in two hours, now we need more than two hours to install fixes and patches to it. Another one confirming the lack of any improvement in the overall performance is Rob Bushway.

Performance does not seem to be any better or worse than before SP 1. The memory footprint about the same: about 900 Mb after startup. Start up is still slow on my 2710p: 5 minutes from power up to all programs loaded up. SP 1 has not done anything to improve that or make it worse.

I'm using Vista in my Q1 and I love Vista. This is the best OS for a Tablet PC or UMPC ever made. But at the same time this has been the worse OS released by Microsoft only comparable to the completely useless Windows ME. To be the first OS version released without Bill Gates I would say that current Microsoft administration is not doing a good job. We need less pirouettes on the stage and a better OS.

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