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Saturday, September 01, 2007

InkSeine: Find Your Stuff With Ink

I found another video of this application at Youtube.

InkSeine is a prototype inking application from Microsoft Research that offers the unique ability to search for stuff directly from ink, without transcribing queries to a search box somewhere else.
InkSeine's in-place search capability offers a really slick way to get at all your stuff (emails, documents, web pages, design diagrams, etc.) without having to deal with the file system or switch to a separate "search application" that pulls you out of the intimate pen-and-ink experience-- which, after all, is what the Tablet PC is all about.
When your searches turn up stuff you need, you can just drag any document, email, or web page into your notes. It becomes a little icon that lets you get at the document in a fraction of a second whenever you need it again. It's a great way to bring together and work with all the stuff that you need for your projects.
The Tablet PC offers a terrific sandbox for ideation and creative design sketching: inking is great for thinking. InkSeine pushes this experience to the max while using its great search capabilities to enable you to access all the content on your tablet-- all the files, emails, documents, web sites, and other information that you need in order to think through a problem and decide what to do or what to try next.
For more information on InkSeine visit http://research.microsoft.com/users/k...

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