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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Packard Bell says EasyNote is not a UMPC

Yesterday when I posted about the new EasyNote from Packard Bell, I started my post asking if that could be called a UMPC. Well, it seems to me that they were reading it because today Reg Hardware is publishing the following note:  

When a manufacturer unveils a computer with a 7in display but with practically notebook-class capabilities, most observers might assume it's a UMPC. However, Packard Bell claims the latest addition to its EasyNote range really is a notebook - it just happens to runs on a UMPC chipset.

I have been thinking about the whole UMPC name since Yesterday and I think that probably UMPC is a very wide name where even this device could be included. In another hand there is a group of users where I'm included that consider a UMPC only those devices where any type of digitizer is included (preferably a Touch one). And the main point is that if you are looking to buy a Tablet PC you don't go around looking or reading specs of Notebooks. But if devices without digitizer are included under the category of UMPC then what we can do about it? How to avoid this situation? Would be better if we start calling devices with digitizers UMTPC?

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