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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What’s the wear level of your battery?

That's the question RodFather is asking on his blog.

It’s not much of a secret for Q1 owners that the battery wear rate of the lithium batteries are horrible.  It’s expected that lithium batteries wear down over time due to factors of age and heat.  With the Q1, the rate at which they deteriorate is much higher.  I don’t know much about battery technology so I don’t know if it’s the circuitry in the Q1 or the batteries itself that causes the problem.

I have a wearing of 19% on my 3 cells 11 month old Q1 battery.I use the battery around 30 minutes every day the rest of the time the Oh is used connected to power. On weekends I run on battery more time but never the battery level reach less than 40%.

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