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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Go with Vista to safe money

With all due respect, what this study does not say is when you are going to see your savings? And I say this because from my own experience anything that you could have saved in the first year you will have to use it buying hardware that do not support Vista and probably drivers are not planned to be released, upgrading software that it's not longer compatible with Vista - for example, your AntiVirus - or buying new software because there is not any update for some of the programs that you are currently using.  So yes, you are probably are going to see some savings but most likely after a year or two. Wink

According to research conducted by Wipro and GCR Custom Research and released Wednesday, total cost of ownership for Windows XP is $4,407 annually, while Vista's cost is $3,802. The $4,407 figure was derived from costs of hardware, software, IT labor, and user costs. Mobile PCs were the focus because these units will outship desktop systems by 2010, said Hiroshi Sakakibara, product manager for Windows Product Management at Microsoft.


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