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Friday, September 07, 2007

Sorry but the Foleo was not a UMPC

The press still does not know what is a UMPC. If they knew it they never would say something like this:  

So I took the news of the Foleo’s demise a little hard. Our own Rob Enderle pointed to the Foleo as a precursor to something big in the UMPC space, but most critics apparently were right when they said that you’d be just as well off buying a laptop. Got one of those, thanks.

Ok, so lets start with the concept that most of us recognize as a UMPC:

  • It runs a full OS that will allow you to run any of the applications that we run in our Desktop PCs.
  • It's capable of fully browse the web without any type of restrictions or any special version of the browser to reshape pages to fit on the screen.
  • It uses a touch screen (or any other kind of digitizer), maximum size 7 inches, minimum size around 5 inches.
  • Integrated keyboard is an option but could not be present in some devices.

Now lets analyze the Foleo:

  • It was not using a full OS version. It was reported here the limited multimedia support of that OS.
  • It was not fully capable of browsing the web and this was reported here too.
  • It did not have a Touch Screen or any kind of digitizer and the screen size was 10 inches, which classifies in the Subnotebook category.
  • It has a keyboard!!!

So basically if you really check the Foleo, it did not classify even in the Notebook or Subnotebook category. Just to be honest, I even do not know how to classify this "thing". It has the OS of a MID but it's a lot bigger than a MID, it has the size of the subnotebook but it has the OS of a MID.

Thanks God it's dead. That was the best decision Palm has taken in the last 2 years. That thing was huge, that thing was under-powered and that thing was useless.

And one thing was for sure, that thing was not a UMPC. Open-mouthed So the UMPCs did not lost anything with Palm canceling this project. And the only one winner on all this was Palm. There are moments when it's a really good idea to calm down, sit down and think: What the f... I was doing?

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