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Monday, September 10, 2007

Screen resolution and Battery Life are linked

Probably many of you remember this post where I tried to prove that screen resolution and performance are linked. We all know that performance and battery life are also linked. More performance means less battery life, at least in all the UMPCs that we know so far. Well, here is a post of Kaz911 interviewing Kevin Chen from HTC where he says clearly:  

The screen is only 7" and since power consumption has to be low, HTC decided on the low resolution screen.

So, running at a lower resolution could help you to save some battery life because it helps with the overall performance of the machine. Wink

Beside this note, this interview brought some bad news for those waiting for the HTC Shift. It seems that this device will not have voice capability but just data capability. In another words, you will be able to browse the web using your cell phone service provider but you will not be able to make phone calls.

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